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The Ohio Society of Fire Service Instructors is the state chapter of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors. The I.S.F.S.I. is recognized as the leader in professional services for fire training and education specialists. Through the Ohio Chapter you can have input into what is happening in fire service training and education.


To provide effective leadership and education of the fire service personnel;
To promote acceptance and understanding of education and training in this field.

To hold periodic conferences for the study of training problems and to publish papers, reports and discussions thereof;

To encourage research and special studies, to develop and review educational programs, materials, and procedures.

To cooperate with other Associate Societies and educational institutions in carrying out these objectives.


Development of greater skills as an instructor through better exchange of ideas and materials

Utilize first hand information from other skilled instructors through seminars and workshops.

Be up-to-date as to training materials available with published resource lists both local and national

Promote acceptance and understanding of education and training in the Fire Service.

Receive information as to quality and validity of published texts and training aids through opinions of other instructors.


Anyone who is interested in the mission of the OSFSI

Please take the Job Posting for the Current Fire Training Officer 2 off of the website.







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